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Addon 2x AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] 2.0.5

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Fully featured anti-AdBlock system.

Recoup lost revenue by nagging or forcing people to disable their adBlocker.

Supports a full page overlay or a simple notice message. The choice is yours.

  • SEO-friendly
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Granular permissions per usergroup
  • 4 overlay themes (dark, light, default and black out)
    • Simple colour changes can be made in the theme.less file
  • Ability to choose the primary color of the overlay using a color picker
  • Override "ignore this user group" for groups you NEVER want to see the anti-AdBlock
  • Ability to enable and disable the overlay
  • Ability to set the overlay delay timer in seconds
  • Ability to set the number of page views for nagging
  • Ability to enable and disable the plugin
  • Ability to exclude detection on templates
    • Default exclusion of login, register, error, account details
  • Improved responsive layout on small screen mobile devices
  • Key detection is randomized between installations to prevent community adblockers from globally detecting this anti-adblock
  • Detection is based on the most popular blocking mechanism used by leading adblockers
  • Robots/crawlers are ignored to ensure the anti-block messaging does not affect SEO or interfere with search engine results (SERPs)
System includes:
  • All language in phrases
  • Supports multilingual translation
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Anti adblock top message

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